At Turbo Learner, our mission is to help students reach their true potential. We create individualized learning processes for each child based on his/her unique learning factors. This unlocks their learning potential and unleashes the genius within.


Personal Learning Process

Every child is unique, has a unique brain, thinks differently, and, therefore, learns differently. Every child has the potential to learn anything easily, but this potential is untapped because most children don’t know their unique learning skills.

We create a Personal Learning Process for every child by identifying each child’s learning factors and fitting learning techniques to them.

Study Skills Coaching

There is a difference between an instructor and a coach: An instructor gives information but a coach provides a transformation. At Turbo Learner, we believe in transforming your child from struggling and frustrated learners to confident and enthusiastic learners. This transformation is achieved by a series of incremental changes to their existing habits, study processes and behavior.

What other parents say

“After reading Mr. Rao’s book, I’m excited to get started in his course. I wish I’d had this years ago for my boys when they were small. Now I want it for myself.”

– Roy Sargent

“We are currently undergoing the course Turbo Learner. What piqued my interest in the course is that this course specifically provides strategies on how to learn. As much as schools have the responsibility to teach foundational skills, the art and process of learning is left to the student to figure out. Turbo Learner helps students to bring a structure to their learning. Looking forward to seeing the results that my daughter will experience after the course”

– Aparajetha Mohan

About us

At Turbo Learner, we put the “fun” back in fundamentals of learning.

We build study skills and study habits, help set learning goals and create a road map to reaching the goals.


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