Harnessing Emotions


The middle school and high school years are very difficult for students and their parents. The students go through their hormonal changes which lead to confusing emotions, very sensitive triggers, and extreme moods. Parents walk on eggshells during this period striking the balance between supporting their children and being strict on what they can and cannot do.

Stressful and difficult as things can be, this can actually be used to improve their learning skills. Their passions and emotions can be used to focus and direct their attention and actions. Their desires and dislikes can be used to create carrots and sticks to channel their behavior. Their triggers can be used to switch them, using neuro-linguistic programming, to be in the right mindset to receive information and knowledge. 

With proper coaching, parents and tweens/teens can work together to make middle school and high school the most productive years in the students’ development.

For more information on how to channel your child’s physical changes to make him/her a better student, please book a Discovery Call with TurboLearner using this link: https://plp.turbolearner.com/sss-discovery-session

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